Pinksale Fair Launch

This is the official link of $METAPOOL Pinksale fair launch :​
Pinksale Fair Launch:
  • It’s a Presale with a fair launch structure and that means it has only a soft cap but no hard cap.
  • The pool will be divided by the number of BNBs raised during the presale.
  • The price of $METAPOOL can only be known at the end of the Presale. That’s how a Presale with fair launch structure works.
Whitelist - There is NO whitelisting required. Everybody will have an equal chance to buy $METAPOOL on PinkSale at release time.
PancakeSwap Listing - After pinksale Fair-Launch end time, $METAPOOL/BNB liquidity pair will be created within 24 hours.
Last modified 7mo ago